About The Practical Caregiver

Sara M. Barton interacted with hospitalized children during her first teaching practicum in the pediatric department of a large city hospital, gaining insight into the value of play therapy and socialization during medical treatment. With minors in art and psychology, she later worked with adult patients in a psychiatric admissions hospital and with disturbed adolescents in residential care.
These experiences were invaluable when caring for her mother over more than a decade. Later, Since that time, she has been a family caregiver for her elderly father and a caregiver supporter for other people providing family care. She is also a cancer caregiver advocate and patient advocate

"As someone with amazing friends in advanced stages of cancer treatment, I've learned that it is imperative that cancer patients and cancer survivors have the right kind of support to help them through the difficult challenges and complications they face over time. Fighting cancer is as much a psychological head game as it is an assault on the human body. Feeling optimistic about the future with cancer is critical for quality of life. We need to make sure that cancer patients have their palliative care needs met by experts, that they feel they still have something good awaiting them at the other side of the storm, and that they feel they are given every opportunity to live life out loud. This is especially true of the new cancer pioneers, those  people who are well into Stage 4 cancers, willing and able to participate in cancer research that will  yield new successful treatments."

She created the Practical Caregiver Guides website and Practical Caregiver blog as free resources for people providing care.

She is also the author of several cozy mysteries, "cozy" thrillers, and dark and dangerous spy thrillers based on historical events. You can find out more by visiting her book blog: 

Formally trained as an artist, she enjoys painting landscapes, seascapes, and portraits. You can see her work on this site when you follow this link:

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